LiUNA! 1611

Join your co-workers at Para Space in forming a union and demanding dignity on the job. By sticking together, LiUNA 1611 members can negotiate higher wages, a pension, 100% employer-paid benefits, stronger job security, and a better work/life balance.

Feel The Power you have as unionized workers and sign up to join LiUNA! 1611.

How to form a Union

Forming a union is a worker’s legal right under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and there is a legal process that workers must follow to do so. That process looks like this:


Get in touch with an organizer

The first step is to get in touch with a union organizer! Your organizer will work with you on a winning strategy, answer your questions, and address any concerns. Think of them as your all around support throughout the process.


Sign a
union card

A majority of workers must sign a confidential union card to advance the process. Signing a union card is like signing a petition. The more people who sign, the more powerful your demands for change will be.


File for union certification

a) If 45-55% of the workforce have signed on, the Labour Board will conduct an election.
b) If over 55% of the workforce signed up, there is no need for a certification vote, and workers move on to bargaining.

"I think we should unionize with LiUNA 1611 because this will open several doors of opportunity and ensure our job security, which is important to pursuing a long-term career as a Landscaper.

Being in a union will also help us as Paraspacers to improve things such as pay wages, get pensions, and even allow us to get access to education to learn how to do more on the jobs and enhance our skills! Join us to help build our team up, grow together and re-imagine the company."

Kayleb A

Para Space - PHC

"I feel that our team needs to be heard! We have many great ideas that could improve the daily workflow and help the company succeed. A union will bring fairness into ParaSpace. It will bring us stability, better employee retention, attract more skilled workers, and allow all of us to have a secure retirement with a pension!

Unionizing will also help people further their careers and encourage workers and supervisors to stay long-term."

Jes H

Para Space - Supervisor

"I support unionizing because it will ensure clear communication between the workers and management. A Union will listen to the workers and represent us in our struggles."


Para Space - Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

A union is workers uniting to achieve a common cause together. This cause can be anything, including: improving wages, fair scheduling, ensuring respectful treatment in the workplace, combatting racial discrimination, health & safety concerns, or anything else! Anything that is in connection to your work can be addressed once you & your co-workers unionize.

LiUNA Local 1611 is the name of the union that other workers like you have come together to build. Unions are not a corporation & are not motivated by profit or making money. LiUNA is a democratic organization where members vote to decide the organization’s priorities, and then the staff get to work making them happen. Union members are in charge of their union and your involvement is encouraged.

Members have access to professional support to deal with workplace issues, free training courses, and, if negotiated, our union-run medical and pension plans. 

LiUNA is all about making workers' lives better at work and supporting our members in the communities they live in through our charity work


Your level of participation in your union is up to you. But remember, a union is controlled by you, the member, so union staff rely on direction by the membership.

Absolutely! Having a union gives you the power to negotiate all your working conditions. The most significant variable for a healthy life/work balance is scheduling. Your union can negotiate a workweek comprised of 4x10 hour shifts with paid breaks creating 3 days off a week!

It's a fact that unionized workers make more $! Signing a union card and advancing the unionization process will secure your current wage from any negative changes.


Moving forward, your union can negotiate wage scales with pre-arranged, hassle-free wage increases. Remember, you and your co-workers are the Union and are in control.

Joining a union brings democracy into your workplace and gives workers the Power to negotiate their working conditions with your employer as equal 50/50 partners. 


Once unionized, every worker will be able to submit bargaining proposals which are things that you'd like your union to negotiate. 


A bargaining committee will be created and is made up of Para Space union members and your union negotiator. A majority of union members must vote to accept what your bargaining committee negotiates before it takes effect. Union members are in complete control of the entire bargaining process. 

Yes! Paid meal and rest periods are common in LiUNA's Collective  Bargaining Agreements. 

Joining a union is your right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Therefore, it's illegal for employers to fire workers for trying to join a union. Under the BC Labour Relations Code, all workers have the right to join a union without fear of reprisals from their employer. If you are worried about retaliation from your employer, know that we will have your back and, if necessary, will take legal action again Para Space.

LiUNA staff are hosting weekly Wednesday meetings to assist workers in getting all the information they're looking for. Meetings will be held on Zoom starting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, Sept 28, Oct 5, and Oct 12, 2022.

Meeting ID: 876 3388 5290
Passcode: 562377

Although a union's purpose is to help workers get ahead for a company like Para Space, there will be benefits for the company.


Such as:

  • Access our training facilities and courses such as Fall Protection, Skidstir/Bobcat, Grading and Surveying, etc. 
  • Entry to our premiere Health and Welfare Benefits Plan for employees and management
  • Supporting employee's retirement securing with access to LiUNA's Pension Plan
  • Assistance with acquiring contracts with our signatory companies
  • Improved retention rate

LiUNA is a non-profit organization democratically run and funded by its members. Union dues is the money that members pay to fund their union. Union dues are 100% tax-deductable and won't be charged until a majority of unionized Para Space workers vote to accept your first union contract.

There are no initiation fees, and your union dues will be $8.50 a week plus $0.30 cents for every hour you work. A full-time employee can expect to pay $19.75 a week in dues (if working 37.5 hours a week).

LiUNA is all about changing jobs into careers! We offer training and scholarship (your direct family can access our scholarships, too) to support our members in advancing their careers and assisting them in making excellent wages, benefits and a pension.

If Landscaping isn't your thing, your membership can also provide you with training and job opportunities in the construction industry through our hire hall.


If Landscaping isn't your thing, your membership can also provide you with the training and job opportunities in construction through our hire hall. 

Hells to the no. If you quit before a union contract is voted on and accepted by a majority of the Para Space union membership, then you don't have to pay anything.


LiUNA will front all the costs associated with your decision to unionize. Being a non-profit, we're all about improving workers' lives, not the money.

The incentive model focuses on who management views as "high performers." These people are given preferential treatment and can advance their careers quickly.


The seniority model factors in employees' hire date, providing them with negotiated privileges over employees hired after them.

The biggest challenge with the incentive model is that it's subjective and is open to favouritism and discrimination. This model is responsible for women, racialized people and LGBTQ+ people not advancing in their careers.

Seniority isn't perfect either, but it does stop the abovementioned concerns. Like everything else, seniority is something that is negotiated. As Para Space union members, you will need to decide how or if seniority will be a factor in your job. It's your union, your career, your decision.

You are an employee, not a volunteer. Employees must be paid for all hours worked, and operating costs should never be transferred to employees. Your union can negotiate language to ensure this. Once negotiated, you can raise your concerns without fear of reprisal, as you'll have a union representative whose job is to enforce your rights.


Your union could also negotiate for the equipment shuttle to become permanent. This will save Supervisors time and stress of having to replace broken equipment.

There are many ways becoming unionized will help improve your career. Below are some of the reasons we believe that unionizing will benefit us and our careers at Para Space:


1) Gain the power of collective bargaining, so we can take control of our careers.


2) Get into the LiUNA pension plan with 100% employer paid contributions


3) Improved Life/Work Balance. If we're not working closer to home, we can add a deterrent like mileage, a travel allowance. 


4) Fair workload expectation - We can negotiate what scheduling will look like including the number of sites and staff levels. 


5) Gain a union support system of LiUNA stewards, representatives, lawyers, WCB advocates who will monitor and enforce our rights.  

The Union Advantage

On average, unionized workers earned $5.12/hour more than non-union employees. And for women in unions, who are traditionally paid less by non-union corporations, you earn roughly $6.91/hour more. This ensures that all workers doing the same work, regardless of their gender identity, are being paid fairly.

Local 1611 strives to negotiate Collective Agreements that provide a fair wage and guaranteed, pre-negotiated raises. You’ll never have to ask for a raise again, eliminating favouritism and managerial discrimination. This advantage extends: - Youth: Earn $3.16/hour more when you unionize. - Indigenous People: Earn $6.51/hour more when you unionize. - New Immigrants: Earn $3.97/hour more when you unionize.

When workers unionize, they gain the power to negotiate with their employer collectively instead of individually. Collectively you can negotiate better wages, health and retirement benefits, fair work schedules, job security and overall improved workplace conditions.

LiUNA members also have a support network made up of Union Reps, Stewards, WCB Advocates, and Lawyers to help protect and ensure your fair treatment.

Many non-union workers are scared to point out safety concerns in the workplace as they are fearful of discipline or being labelled as troublemakers. This isn’t a concern in unionized workplaces, which is why unionized workplaces are safer.

Unionized workers have a 25% lower rate of injury. With a union, workers can hold their employer accountable for their safety in the workplace without any fear of being punished.

If a LiUNA member does get injured at work, you’ll have access to a WCB Advocate that will help you through the process of getting compensation.

Covered members and their dependents have health benefits such as extended healthcare, dental care, drug coverage, and life insurance. Members can also negotiate a pension plan or RRSP match into their collective agreement, depending on their priorities. These benefits can’t be changed without workers’ approval, unlike in a non-unionized workplace.

Forming a union is a worker’s best way to get job security. Unionizing removes the employer’s ability to terminate workers without just cause and creates a dispute resolution process that promotes a fair and respectful work environment.

On average, unionized workers earned $5.12/hour more than non-union employees. And for women in unions, who are traditionally paid less by non-union corporations, you earn roughly $6.91/hour more. This ensures that all workers doing the same work, regardless of their gender identity, are being paid fairly.