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What is the Horticultural Workers Network?

The Horticultural Workers Network (HWN) is all about bringing Horticultural Workers together to discuss our challenges within our industry, support each other, and find ways to build sustainable careers for everyone.


We thank our sponsor, LiUNA 1611, for their support and for hosting our website on their system.


At no cost to you, as a member of the HWN, you will gain the following:

  1. Invites to network events and meetings  
  2. Free workers’ rights educational opportunities 
  3. Industry research, including wage and benefits comparisons
  4. Advocacy and government lobbying to improve your standard of living
  5. Assistance and guidance with enforcing your basic employment rights (Employment Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, Human Rights, & Labour Code)
  6. Job opportunities during the off-season

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The goals for the HWN are: 

  1. Reach 100 members
  2. Host Quarterly Zoom meetings (Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec)
  3. Finalize our Network’s priorities and direction based on HWN member’s feedback. Your voices matter!
  4. Create opportunities for members to advance their careers
  5. Market research to identify the best employers in the industry
  6. Recruit volunteers to run and grow the HWN

Count down to reach 100 members



We are at the beginning of building the Horticultural Workers Network (HWN). If you want to get involved, we’d ask you to:

  1. Sign Up!!!!
  2. Attend a Social Event/Zoom meeting  
  3. Encourage your friends and co-workers to join too
  4. Get involved
  5. Make a difference 

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Meet the Team

Jes Hardingham is a founding member of the Horticultural Workers Network.

Growing plants and being in nature has always been something Jes has loved, which led her to the Landscaping industry in 2019. In 2020, Jes moved to BC and got a job with Para Space, where she still works as a landscaping maintenance supervisor. Jes is working on her Landscape Horticulturalist Red Seal and is in her 4th apprentice year.

“One thing I noticed was a real lack of recognition of our industry as a true trade, even within the trade itself. I feel that as tradespeople, we deserve to be treated as equals to other trades. This is one reason I wanted to get the HWN up and running. I believe that together we will help guide our industry into a future where we are recognized for the education, passion and ability we all have for this amazing career.”

Before working in landscaping, Jes worked in customer service, where she felt unfulfilled. So when an opportunity arrived to change careers, she jumped on it. “Needless to say, I fell in love with my new career and found my passion!”

Keith Murdoch loves dog Leeloo and being active in nature, but his passion is fighting injustice in society. Being a natural-born activist, he has been involved with the progressive movement for 20 years and has been active in various actions to improve the standard of living of everyday working people.

Over the years, Keith has been involved with worker lead organizations such as The Retail Action Network, the Worker Solidarity Network and was a founding member of the Whistler Workers Alliance. Keith also was the BC NDP candidate during the 2020 provincial election for the riding of West Vancouver – Sea to Sky.

“I’m excited to help Hort workers discover the power of their collective action. Companies have employer associations like the BCLNA to fight for their interest, but workers have nothing. I’m hoping this Network will be the first step the levelling the playing field. Let’s grow our power together!”

About our Sponsor

The Labourers International Union of North America (LiUNA) Local 1611 has around  10,000 members in BC and Yukon, and across North America, LiUNA’s membership is over half a million. Their members work in landscaping, construction, services sectors, warehousing, recycling & waste management, healthcare, green energy & beyond. 

If you work, then you’re a Labourer, and LiUNA is the Labourers’ union that has the experience, resources and determination to assist you in improving your working life by unionizing.  

LiUNA 1611 Members Work at:

LiUNA 1611 Members Work at: